Kind Words About Our Hydraulic Bottle Jack and More

Whether it’s about our hydraulic bottle jack, our garage jack, or any of the other quality products U.S. Jack has to offer, we appreciate the kind words out past customers have had to say about them. If you want proof of the strength of our products and the efficiency they can bring as specialized products designed to suit our customer’s needs, check out some of our testimonials below. And, if you’d like to submit your own, reach out to us on our contact page.

We have been on fires for 3 weeks. I rescued a guy with a flat tire. This is no BS, but his cheap jack would not lift his truck, bad seals. I had no problem lifting his truck with yours. (If I would not have had that jack it would have cost his boss around $5000.00)

Anyways that was the maiden trip for the jack. P.S. I told him to tell his boss to buy a jack from you guys, too much at stake on these fires to take a chance with cheap crap.


We have a few of your jacks floating around our motor pool and one caught my eye after we realized it was under a truck with no jack stand. Normally we put one under the truck to take the load off the jack. Aside from that, this 12-ton has been under the truck for going on 3 months and counting. It hasn’t lost an inch in 3 months…the truck is a 20 ton dump 917 and has a load still in it.

SPC John Arnold

Today, I received both sets of the BADA**, 6 ton vehicle supports that I had ordered yesterday. You are awesome, and I am thrilled. Was concerned that I wouldn’t have supports, if i went with the best option, until a few days after my parts arrived. However, I am now waiting on parts and did not anticipate that in the slightest. Furthermore, upon opening and inspection, I’m ecstatic. Weld’s are great quality, good penetration, well seamed, and clean. The offset large face saddle, just makes sense, great design. Solid all the way around. The release and teeth, smooth and seems solid. All in all, the product is exactly what I was hoping for, and the service blew my mind. Will definitely be back. I told a friend earlier today, while showing off, that I’m sure a day in the near future will come that I’m upset I didn’t get the 10-ton supports. Hopefully, I can remember that I’m a broke man when that time comes. She said, “I’m sure you’ll have them sometime, lol.” I agreed, and confirmed that will be when I am upset. lol

Thanks again!

Troy Needels