Transmission Jack Accessories

Optional Accessories for Vehicle Parts

U.S. Jack offers a variety of accessories for our 57250 and 57255 model transmission jacks that can help you manage some of your automobile’s parts easier. From exhaust adapters to a fuel tank saddle, the accessories for the models specified can all be used in conjunction with the transmission jack to remove, install, or transport the parts that the accessory is designed for. All attachment hardware is included to make sure you have everything you need to get to work with your accessories.

Accessories Offered:

57204: Ford 6R140 Adapter

57205: Ford CD4E Transmission Adapter

57206: Quick-Adjust Saddle

57207: Ford Diesel Exhaust Adapter

57208: Fuel Tank Saddle

57209: Ford 5R55W, 4R70W, 4X4N, AXOD Metric Transmission Adapter

57210: Ford E40D Truck & 4R100 4×4 Transmission Adapter

Fuel Tank Saddle