Your Hydraulic Jack’s Information

Standard Hydraulic Bottle/ Hand Jack 20 TonEach jack or power unit that U.S. Jack supplies provides you with information to help us when you need service for them. Start by confirming the capacity located somewhere on the base as a casted number. If you don’t know the height off hand, you can measure from the bottom of the base to the top of the ram to give us dimensions. Then, on the underside of the base is a casting number, as well as a number on the head reservoir that we need from you. Once this information is provided, U.S. Jack can identify your individual jack and help you with the different parts of your jack that need to be looked at, from the outer reservoir to the individual screws. Our service centers have the parts and knowledge needed to give you the service you need, so make sure to stop in when you run into any trouble and we’ll do everything we can to get your jack back in working condition.

General Information