Port-A-Power Hydraulic Kits (4, 10, and 20 Ton Capacity)

Portable Lifting Toolkits

When you need a hydraulic lift on the go, the Port-A-Power Hydraulic Kits that U.S. Jack has to offer are the perfect solution. Containing all the bits and pieces you need to lift components with an effective hydraulic pump and ram, our Kits can be a great tool for household garages, mechanics on the go, or anyone else who is in need of an effective lift and a strong hold.


Every Part: Port-A-Power Hydraulic Kits give you all the pieces you need to construct a dependable lift where you need it.

100% USA Made: Each part included in our Hydraulic Kits are made of strong, USA steel.

The Same Stability: Once constructed, our Hydraulic Kits offer the same levels of stability as our standard lifts and pumps.

Shop on GSA Advantage: 4-Ton Model (5-52001)

Shop on GSA Advantage: 10-Ton Model (5-52011)

Shop on GSA Advantage: 20-Ton Model (5-52029)

4 Ton Hydraulic Port-A-Power Starter Kit