Specialized Hydraulic Jacks

U.S. Jack works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide a specialized hydraulic jack that meets their needs. From providing size adaptations to jacks or changing the length or type of ram used, U.S. Jack can customize jacks however our customers need in order to work for their application. Whether your application is needed indoors or outdoors, U.S. Jack can make the adjustments to ensure that your jack works for your business for years to come. And, if your jack requires special branding to match your company, we can even change the color! Our capabilities are tried and true, and can bring your operations the lift they need with jacks that provide military-grade strength. See some of the adaptations we’ve made below, and, if you need your own customized jack for OEM applications or specialized needs, reach out on our contact page.


Shortened 12 and 20-ton jacks with solid rams and no extension screw.


Tall 20-ton jack with a special ram adaption.

8-ton capacity long ram jack with elevated pump to minimize the long reach and provide clearance from surrounding components.

Special color requirement and stainless steel ram for severe weather conditions.


Special 2-piece base bracket with cross hole.