Fast and Easy Lifting with Hydraulic Floor Jacks

When automotive shops want fast and easy lifting for vehicles coming through, they can depend on the hydraulic floor jacks from U.S. Jack. Often what customers think of when they think of an “classic” jack, our hydraulic floor jacks provide a simple design that brings impressive performance to any auto shop where it is used. Customers know our jacks are some of the best in the business, and that is why our floor jacks can be found all throughout the U.S.

With a safety bypass and overload system, our hydraulic jacks work great for any application that garages need, while also preventing any excessive weight from overloading the cylinder and damaging it.

For business or for hobby projects

Because of the small body that our hydraulic floor jacks have and their ease of use, they can be a great addition for both business and hobby projects. Fast and easy lifting is important for a fast workflow in automotive shops, but this efficiency can be a great boon while working on hobby projects as well, allowing you to get more done each time you work by saving time with lifts.

Whether you select an air/hydraulic floor jack or a hydraulic floor/service jack, either option of our hydraulic floor jacks will provide you with the great lift you need, where you need them.

Equipment built to last

Beyond quick and easy lifting, the hydraulic floor jacks that we offer are also equipment that is built to last for years to come. From our USA made long chassis to our import short chassis, each is made with heavy-duty steel that is durable and dependable, meaning a low-maintenance lifting experience each time you use them.

With capacities ranging from 2 tons all the way to 20 tons, U.S. Jack offers options for operations working with any size equipment, from light personal equipment to heavy-duty vehicles. Each has the same great lifting system, meaning no matter which capacity you get, it will work for you far into the future, always providing a fast and easy lift.

With a vast network of service centers located all throughout the U.S., U.S. Jack equipment is always available, with service or assistance somewhere close by. U.S. Jack is the premier provider of jacks because of our great products and great customer service. If you want to learn more about our products or join the U.S. Jack family by ordering one for yourself, reach out today!