How to Use Garage Jack Stands for Safe Lifting

Garage jack stands are a great addition in any garage where regular lifting of vehicles is common. However, you want to be sure you know how to use them correctly before doing any risky lifting to work on a project. By not taking the right precautionary steps to ensure the lift will be done safely and securely, you may end up causing harm to yourself that could otherwise be avoided.

At U.S. Jack, we encourage all who are interested in garage jack stands to work carefully and consider each step of their work to ensure a quick, safe lift. Jack stands are a great benefit to any garage as long as they are used correctly, and we at U.S. Jack are here to provide a brief breakdown of steps you should take to do a safe lift.

1. Have a spotter

When you do a lift of heavy equipment, it is smart to always have someone else present, on the off chance an accident occurs. An extra set of eyes and someone to call for help, if it is needed, is a precaution that can easily be taken to ensure a safer lift.

2. Only do smart lifts

If the ground or floor of your garage is uneven in any way, whether from a cracked floor, a slight slope, or any other cause, it should not be where you do your lift. Although a car’s parking brake should keep it in place while you work, you can eliminate risk better when working on a flat surface.

3. Lift in the right place

When placing garage jack stands, make sure that you are placing them in the right location under the vehicle. Your vehicle’s manual should have a breakdown of where your jacking points are under the vehicle, allowing you to do the lift correctly. Proper lifting points are less likely to have accidents than anywhere else where the jack might not work as intended because of an improperly fitted point.

4. Secure lifting and lowering

If your vehicle has wheels on it, then you know that it may want to roll, even slightly, while being lifted or lowered to the ground. Securing the wheels with something such as a wheel chock will ensure everything is secure during the lifting and lowering process, allowing your garage jack stands to do their job of getting your vehicle off or back onto the ground.

Although there may be even more considerations when lifting your vehicle, depending on a variety of factors, we hope that the tips here assist our customer with a safe lifting experience provided by the professionally crafted garage jack stands from U.S. Jack. Contact us today to start an order for yours!