What is the Difference Between a Bottle Jack and a Floor Jack?

Bottle jacks and floor jacks are both dependable in their own way, but you may be wondering where each has its specialty. Whether you work in a company garage or work on projects in your own garage, there are moments when using either a bottle jack or a floor jack makes more sense. Factors such as the size and shape of the object you are lifting or what you are more comfortable using obviously play a factor in choosing your lifting hardware, but each comes with its own benefits as well.

U.S. Jack carries a variety of bottle jacks and floor jacks that customers can utilize to make their lifting operations easier. Offering a wide range of capacities and designs, our bottle jacks and floor jacks have options for every situation that requires dependable lifts.

What bottle jacks offer

Those who decide to use bottle jacks compared to floor jacks often do so because they are cost-effective and compact. When compared to other hydraulic jacks, they often cost less because of their smaller design. This design also means that they are designed to be lightweight, and, therefore, compact and easy to travel with. Whether you are an operation that is on the go or simply one that wants to handle equipment that is light and easy to use, a bottle jack is a great option.

U.S. Jack offers standard, hi-range, and short hydraulic bottles that all provide excellent lifts where and when they are needed.

Floor jack capabilities

Floor jacks, by comparison, provide a highly stable lift because of their broad base, as well as a low profile for lifts on low-sitting equipment, vehicles, and more. A wider surface area at their base means that floor jacks reduce the risk of what you are lifting from causing an imbalance at the point of contact and your jack falling off the lifted object. The low profile allows for low ground clearance to not stop any work being done, with some floor jacks even coming in specialized clearances for extremely low-sitting vehicles or equipment!

U.S. Jack carries import short chassis, import long chassis, and USA made long chassis floor jacks that come in a variety of capacities. Allowing for low-clearance lifts in a great range of weights.

Although each also comes with some downsides as well, both bottle jacks and floor jack both provide the quality lifts that both commercial and personal garages can count on. Contact our team to learn more about what each type of lift can do for you and get started on an order!